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Dr. Tom MacMahon, Licensed Professional Counselor 

conveniently located at Fort Smith Central Mall,
Suite 525 --  479 452-3466  
--also in Mena, Arkansas, at Willowbrook Retreat Center, 479 883-5492.  

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Couples--there is a way to find the key to your mate's heart.  No matter how far you have drifted apart, if you want to have a great relationship, and are willing to work with Dr.Tom, you will be amazed at the results.  You hold some keys that might surprise you!



Convenient Office in Fort   Smith Central Mall, Tues-Thurs 1 to 8 pm Fri 1 to 6 pm 

Mena Retreat Center (by special arrangement)




Call for your  confidential visit with Dr.Tom at his Fort Smith, Arkansas office. directions



Rates below standard rates--office visits are just $95 per session, and a payment plan is available.  You may qualify for a lower rate on our sliding fee scale too!  

Call the receptionist at 479 452-3466  during office hours 8-5, or email anytime  to schedule your Fort Smith appointment.  Dr.Tom sees clients daytimes and evenings, for your convenience.    





Success story of marriage saved, when all hope seemed lost.  story




Dr Tom, in an English park.  Dr.Tom studied in England before coming to the USA 



There is help from a counselor and marriage coach who really cares--

Dr. Tom MacMahon, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has helped many people to find lasting peace and harmony.   He brings a Christian perspective to his professional counseling and coaching skills, and is known for his gentleness and insight.   He has written books and a marriage improvement course, as well as has been the state advisor for marriage courses.   Read his article

"Dr. Tom," as his clients call him, has a dual Masters Degree in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy from John Brown University and is licensed as LPC with the state of Arkansas.  He has a Doctor of Ministry from ORU, Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary, and Bachelors in Communication from Ohio University. He did undergraduate work at Elim Bible College at London, England.    Credentials

"I treat every client with respect and understanding--no matter what your problems are.  I believe that every person is precious in the eyes of God, and together we can get you to a place of stability, harmony and peace."  --Dr.Tom

Old fashioned accessibility:  Dr.Tom wants to be accessible to his clients, and gives them his personal phone number and email address, so they feel they have someone to reach if there is a crisis!




He brings 30 years of experience in Christian counseling and Christian ministry to your counseling or coaching sessions, so you can be sure of his compassion and confidentiality.  (Dr.Tom also counsels persons of other faiths; you do not have to be a  Christian.)  He is competent and licensed to do general counseling in the state of Arkansas.   

If you have questions about counseling, feel free to email Dr.Tom



Convenient location at Fort Smith Central Mall.  (Plaza Suite 525  on the second floor)  with free parking in the parking garage.   
Call the receptionist at 479 452-3466  8 am to 5 pm, Mon-Fri, to schedule a session with Dr.Tom at his Fort Smith office.   He sees clients in both daytime and evening hours.   

More information about location, appointments, fees, etc.

What do you need help with?


Lack of affection and appreciation


Infidelity, Lack of trust


Feeling disconnected


Underlying resentment


Poor communication


Constant fighting


Little-to-no sex


Conflicts over money


Boredom, anxiety or depression


Threat of divorce


Spouse who won't listen


Uncooperative partner


Unbalanced responsibilities


Low self-esteem


Career, workplace, life issues


Anger Management


Premarital Counseling

Parenting and family problems


Divorce, remarriage, blended families


Addictions, Personality disorders


Premarital testing or counseling


Whatever is causing problems in your life



Dr. Tom can help you.  Let his experience and skills get you through this.  Read what others say

Lost those loving feelings? Do you feel that your relationship has lost its moorings?  Can't relate to each other anymore?  Drifting apart? You CAN get back to a loving relationship! Let Dr.Tom help!  Call for a visit to discuss it. Read success stories

Depressed? or struggling with addictions or other life issues?  Many people have found hope and happiness through counseling, and you can too! Read about addictions conquered           

Engaged?  Newlyweds? Just starting out with a new marriage, and want to avoid the pitfalls?  Or maybe you have a good marriage and don't need counseling, but would like to learn how to be all you can be as a spouse.  Dr.Tom can teach you communication and understanding skills to make your marriage all that you have dreamed of.


       "We recommend counseling when problems enter your relationship--everyone needs a little help from time to time"


Real people, real change!   
You, too, can get your life back on track!

"This is the time and place to rest, to give rest to the weary.  This is the place to lay your burden down."   --Isaiah 28:12    

Before you give up on a relationship, or on yourself, you owe it to yourself to come for help!  Call for an appointment now.   If you haven't been to counseling before, you will be happy to find that it is a pleasant, non-threatening and helpful experience.  Dr.Tom is someone who really listens to you, someone who can give you hope, and who knows how to actually help you. 

"We were going to get a divorce, but decided to give counseling a try before giving up.  We love Dr.Tom; he is such a patient and caring counselor!  After just a few weeks we were really seeing a difference, and now we are excited about each other again.  He gave us back our marriage."  -- J & M,  Fort Smith, AR



Marriage Booster:  Maybe you don't need counseling, but you just want to take your marriage to a new level of unity and happiness. Dr.Tom has designed a plan to teach you how to connect, with amazing communication, understanding, and insight that will give you the marriage that will last and bring fulfillment the rest of your lives. 

Dr. Tom also offers counseling at his office in Mena, Arkansas, on a limited basis, although the first session is always at the Fort Smith office. To schedule a Mena appointment, call Carolyn at 479 883-5492, 9am to 9 pm.   

For answers to costs and other frequently asked questions, click here.


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For the young or young-at-heart, we have an app to help you track your counseling sessions, make notes, remind you of appointments, etc.

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For our clients, we offer a free iPhone app that helps you keep records of your progress, your appointments, and even records your sessions so you can listen later if you forget some things! 

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Don't put it off--Contact Arkansas Christian Counseling  now!  Many have found answers, peace and harmony.  You too can be part of a success story.

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